Matthew Bourne's Red Shoes still available

It's not too late to book your tickets for Matthew Bourne's Red Shoes on Weds.20th November as we still have 13 tickets available. Tickets are £39 each.The pre-show supper is £25 including wine. Do let me know as soon as possible if you would like to join us for this very special evening.Members are welcome to bring friends if they wish.

You will also know that we have tickets for the RSC production of Taming of the Shrew on Weds. February 19th.The deadline for booking these has now been extended to February 10th.

I shall look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes


Jonathan Frappell

 Tel:01822 855541


A message from our new President, Mr Tim Freegard.

Dear all

Please feel free to bring family and friends to attend any of our meetings during the forthcoming year. Plymouth Medical Society has previously feared an existential threat but the reality is that it has continued to flourish over the years since its inception in 1794 - making it one of the oldest in the country and thereby attesting to its durability. Whilst nominally a “Medical Society” it has always sought to be far more inclusive than this - with the intention of perking up the collective Plymothian (and beyond) mind with a range of interesting talks and events to ease us all through those long dark evenings of the winter months. Historically - and also very practically - the meetings were held monthly on a Friday evening closest to the full moon to allow the attendees to shamble their way safely home in the best (hopefully clear and moonlit) ambient light typically by foot or on horseback and possibly - dare I add - after a skinful. So Plymouth Medical Society is very much intended as an informal social club to meet colleagues, make new friends and - then as now - to gain the measure of our fantastic locale. The programme is often far from medical - the speakers and events selected from a limitless array of expertise but with a modicum of unabashed presidential bias.

Do come and join us for any or - better still - all events: there should be something of interest for everyone. Most events are held within the main lecture theatre at the Post Graduate Medical Centre which are free - there is the option of staying on for a sit down meal at the Post Graduate Medical Centre after each event throughout the year through advanced booking with Roan Yeates.

Membership of the Society is open to all with a medical background (for the nominal sum of £40 per year) by application to the membership secretary. And you never know - you might just find yourself elected as president before you know it......

I very much look forward to welcoming you at the forthcoming programme of events as attached for the Autumn, Winter and Spring 2019-20.

Tim Freegard