Friday 27 April 2018

Plymouth Medical Centre 7.30 pm followed by dinner from 8.30 pm

Mr Nigel Overton, Curator of Plymouth City Museum


Plymouth’s unattached breakwater was the “Great National Undertaking” of its age. The first stone was dropped in 1812 and it took over 30 years to build.

Dear Members,

Please return the slip on the flyer if you wish to join us for the 3-course dinner after the talk on Friday 27 April; there is a subsidised rate of just £10 for trainees and students.

A short Annual General Meeting will be held between 6.45pm and 7.15pm, before the talk.  The Council will be recommending that the standard annual subscription remains at £40 and the rate for retired members stays at £20, the rate for trainees is reduced from £20 to £5 and that a nominal rate of £5 per year is introduced for students, who currently pay no annual subscription. 

We have received several nominations for Council members. Dr Chris Westwood will be inaugurated as the new President for 2018-19. You can read the agenda, the nominations for Council, the minutes of the AGM 2017 and the retiring President’s report.

We sent flyers last week for the annual golf match on Thursday 26 April and gig rowing at Noss Mayo on Saturday 28 April. You can access the golf flyer here as well as the gig rowing flyer here.