Plymouth Medical Society AGM membership report

Robert Jeffery, membership secretary

On 30 September, the membership stood at 300.  There were 3 honorary members, 72 associate members, mainly medical students, and 225 ordinary members, 150 of whom were known to have retired.

Several members have moved away and we have been sad to record the deaths of Dr Peter Urwin, Surgeon Capt H Blackstone, Dr Michael Tisdall, Surgeon Vice Admiral Alasdair Walker and Mr Bill Gall, who was an active member of the Society for many decades.  If anyone knows of other members who have died, please let the membership secretary know.

During 2018, 8 members and 8 student associate members joined the Society.  One retired doctor and one trainee have joined so far in 2019 and we are hoping that others will join in order to qualify for discounted tickets for the Ceilidh in January.  Very few newly appointed GPs, consultants and trainees are joining the Society.  80 students joined the Society in 2017-18, when the subscription was £0, and we have not yet received any subscriptions of £5 due on 1 October this year.

The Council has discussed arranging flagship events with heavily discounted tickets for members to attract new members, particularly newly appointed GPs, consultants and trainees.